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Gerhard Mösenbichler ©Gollner

Mr. Mösenbichler´s feeling for the woods

Gerhard Mösenbichler had an idea. Why always roam about in the heights when the best is so near and lies on the earth in the woods. The introduction of a climbing adventure, such as one knows from the high climbing parks, to earth with the soil, was the motivation for the varnish painter from Faistenau which he found in his own woods. This he succeeded in doing six years ago. For two years now, the woodland climbing park is just as he imagined it, a shady natural active timeout park for all ages. A tour through the woods.

In the summer months, Gerhard Mösenbichler sits at one of the stations in this well visited woodland climbing park. His attentive view spans over the whole site, a non-scary natural playground, which appeals to both parents and children alike. “Sometimes I ask myself – did I really build all this myself,” as he proudly gazes at all that he has created. A few years ago Gerhard worked in a high climbing park (in Teufelsgraben in Seeham) and it was here that he noticed that the visitors had a lot of fun, but the height of the course was sometimes a problem for unpracticed guests. It was then that the idea was born, that this interplay of co-ordination and motion must be possible at an easier height. In the woods. Not too high above the ground. Then nothing can happen and one can leave the trail at any time.

"Experience abroad impresses one´s life"

Gerhard not only has climbing and canyoning training, but is also a state certified ski instructor and was for many years anti-cyclical in America and Australia. A true contrasting experience of Powdern by -30°C in North America, to doubtful ski enjoyment in rain and +3°C in Down Under. He reflects that in the eighties he perfected his skiing skills on the mogul slopes. Altogether, a time which he would not wish to have missed and which strongly shaped him. Also he could truly value the treasures of the region when he returned. The beauty and the variety of the resorts around Lake Fuschl – a district which offers so much and many great possibilities. At the gateway to Salzburg. The cultural city in the Alps with World Heritage status.

“Future Project - A Climbing Tower”

The future does not worry the Faistenauer. Not only must he concentrate on the upkeep of the climbing park, but he will more. Not because he is not satisfied, but because he has an ambitious view and is highly motivated. Possibly this is due to the positive reaction of his woodland park visitors. Especially for the youngsters, accompanied by their highly motivated parents, who encourage their children to enjoy their holiday activities. The impression of the children changes as soon as they are allowed to be active on Gerhard´s stations and full of enthusiasm, they all leave the climbing park. Gerhard likes to have time for groups of young people. He reserves the mornings from 9 to 11 a.m. in the climbing park for undisturbed team games and takes time to complete these successfully. This works well and earths the boys and girls from their digital saturated past-times.

Now back to the future. For quite a while now, Gerhard Mösenbichler has dreamt of a four-sided useful climbing tower, 13-14 metres high and which will soon be erected in order to meaningfully extend the present site. Whether it stays at that, not even he knows. But as a young man, Gerhard was “all keyed-up” he says retrospectively.

The woodland climbing park has 68 stations of varying difficulty such as the easy trail in blue with 35 stations, middle difficult in red with 25 stations and a difficult trail in black with 8 stations.

In the winter one can find Gerhard Mösenbichler at the Kesselmannlift in Faistenau where he runs a children´s ski school and cross-country ski school.

Im Waldkletterweg ©Gollner

Waldkletterpark Faistenau Mr. Gerhard Mösenbichler

Tel: +43 (0) 664 9764384 E-Mail:
5324 Faistenau


Directions to the woodland climbing park: from Hof towards Faistenau – village square – sports ground – car park and from here a 3 minute walk to the woodland climbing park.


#darumFuschlsee - People in the Fuschlsee Region

We are proud of our region. Proud of its natural beauty, the mountains, lakes and mountain pastures. In particular we are proud of the people, who are either directly in contact with its guests or often operate unnoticed in the background. Each of them is equally important, because he or she gives the Fuschlsee Region a face and forms the character of the destination. All of these people have something to say. And this they do.