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© Mutter und Tochter sitzen am Ellmaustein weit(c)Salzburgerland Tourismus Groessinger
Mutter und Tochter sitzen am Ellmaustein weit(c)Salzburgerland Tourismus Groessinger

Which hiking trails are closed?

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  • Windthrow in many places in the Fuschlseeregion - here
  • Hof bei Salzburg: Plötzweg- Seestraße path to Baderbachmühle & Baderbach waterfall closed until further notice here.
  • Hof bei Salzburg: Hiking trail Fuschler Ache closed due to fallen trees. Here to the info.
  • St. Gilgen- Zwölferhorn: Closed between Illingeralm and Breitenberg due to landslide, this affects the mountain bike route (connecting path) to the Illingeralm. Forest road to the Illingeralm is open. View the closure here.
  • Koppl: Section of trail no. 70 from Koppl via Gasthof am Riedl to Nockstein is rerouted from 10.7.23 until the end of 2023 due to expansion work on the power grid. Info here
  • Faistenau: Hiking route to Filbling via Sattelalm closed! here

Hiking Holiday in Austria

A true hiker’s paradise awaits you around the area of lake Fuschlsee, stretching across the region of Salzkammergut through 6 villages all the way to the mountain ridge of the Osterhorngruppe. Enjoy unforgettable hiking experiences between mountains and lakes, with rugged summits, lush pastures, and an abundance of alpine huts – all this only 20km from the city of Salzburg. A hiking holiday in Austria that will remain vivid in your mind!

Hiking in the Fuschlseeregion guarantees adventure!

Impressive and beautiful summits, mellow pastures, and crystal-clear Salzkammergut lakes are characteristic for the panoramic vistas in the Fuschlseeregion. During your hiking holiday in the Salzburger Land district, varying hiking routes will offer new experiences each and every day of your stay. Around lake Fuschlsee nature still determines the rhythm, making our pastures and our mountains a popular destination for both locals as well as holidaymakers from near and far. Between the regions of the Osterhorngruppe mountain ridge, Lake Hintersee and Lake Fuschlsee and all the way up to the peaks of the Salzkammergut mountains, families, hobby hikers as well as ambitious alpine mountaineers will find ideal conditions for a fantastic and tailored hiking experience. 


Hiking holiday in Austria with traditional and rustic alpine hut experiences

Get away from your everyday life at home and experience your own personal alpine adventure during a hiking holiday in Salzburg – one step at a time. Exercise in the fresh air may whet one’s appetite, and let’s be honest: What’s the best part about hiking in Salzburg’s mountains? Yes! The well-earned snack and drink after hiking up those exhausting ascents. Between Fuschl am See and Faistenau, more than 30 huts invite you to enjoy a rustic and culinary break. Traditional meals are served in the Fuschlseeregion’s huts.

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Homemade, proffered on timeworn wooden tables and served with warmth.

Unique summit experiences while hiking in Salzburg

Summits as far as the eye can see – and countless ways to climb them. Whether you opt for a quick summit ascent to the Nockstein or the Schober or you’re planning a challenging 3-summit tour over the ridges of the Gennerhorn, Gruberhorn, and Regenspitz mountains: ascend step by step, slowly and steadily. Accredited hiking guides are happy to help you plan your hike or accompany you on your trip. That way, you mind is free to concentrate on the pure enjoyment of the climb. Indulge in panoramic views that are guaranteed to take your breath away.  A lasting experience and a great reward for your efforts.

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We also recommend two stunning long-distance hiking trails for an intensive hiking holiday in Austria, the 4 mountains 3 lakes hike and the Salzkammergut Bergeseen Trail. Turn your mountain experience into a great challenge!

If you fancy a little adventure, you will also find many opportunities in the Fuschlsee region. The forest climbing path in Faistenau, for example: more than 70 stations made of wood and rope lead through the shadowy forest. Several climbing routes in the area invite you to let off steam on the rock face and experience the Fuschlsee region from airy heights. An exciting canyoning tour through the Strubklamm gorge may provide your hiking holiday in the Fuschlsee region with that extra kick of adrenaline.

Hiking holiday for the entire family

Bring your kids on a hiking holiday in the Fuschlseeregion. On themed hikes, children may experience stories of courageous heroes and enchanted princesses.

Witness fairy tale creatures coming to life during your hike. Should a dwarf or a mythical creature appear along the way, a short walk may easily turn into a several-hour-long adventure. There’s so much to see for our little ones and they’ll be amazed at what they discover in the great outdoors.

The many forests and meadow flowers, creepy crawlies, pinecones and colourful stones make the world turn slower for a while.


The combination of mountains, pastures, and lakes guarantee a unique hiking holiday experience in the Fuschlseeregion!

Hiking by the water in the Fuschlseeregion

On your hiking holiday in Austria, you don’t always have to aim high. The region around lake Fuschlsee offers a large selection of stunningly beautiful hikes along the water of the pristine lakes and sparkling streams. A perfect break to indulge in – any time of year. Ascend to an idyllic mountain lake, jump over streams, lionise a waterfall far away from the crowds or dangle your feet in the cool water in a secluded bay. Leave everyday life behind and turn your back on the hustle and bustle of the big city. In the Fuschlseeregion you can enjoy the unique combination of mountains and lakes and have lots of fun in, on, and under water.


Book your hiking holiday in the Fuschlseeregion!