Ski tours in the Fuschlseeregion

Hiking on skis has long been one of the most popular sports in the Alps. In the Fuschlseeregion you will also find a wonderful selection of fantastic ski tours. The area around the Gaissau-Hintersee ski area and the Loibersbacherhöhe in Faistenau are particularly popular. Independent of ascent aids, enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts master their way to the summit on skins-covered touring skis and conquer the snow-covered mountain world of the Fuschlsee region with a love of nature in their hearts and strength in their calves.

Experience fantastic ski tours in the Fuschlseeregion

The Fuschlseeregion offers some wonderful opportunities for fantastic ski tours. Ski tour variants in various degrees of difficulty can be found above all on the Osterhorn, in Faistenau and in Hintersee.

Responsible ski tourers plan every tour in detail in advance and find out about the current weather and avalanche conditions on site. Detailed tour planning, avalanche risk analysis and the appropriate execution of the ski tour are always the responsibility of the ski tourer. You can find some suggestions on our winter hiking map, which you are welcome to view and download online. We wish you lots of fun on your favourite ski tour in the Fuschlseeregion.

Free winter bus - sustainable journey

You can go ski touring for free with the winter bus. The return journey with the winter bus from Salzburg to Hintersee is free of charge when practising winter sports.

Ski tourers enjoy snow-covered winter landscapes, absolute tranquillity and fantastic views!

Ski touring trail to the Loibersbacher Höhe in Faistenau

How do you prepare for a ski tour? What do you need to know about the nature of the snow and the risk of avalanches? Ski touring beginners can learn this and much more on the touring trail to the Loibersbacher Höhe in Faistenau. On the first educational ski touring trail in the Salzkammergut, beginners and advanced ski tourers can learn interesting facts about ski touring in the Fuschlseeregion on a total of 7 information boards.

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Correct behaviour in the terrain and alpine safety are the focus of this educational trail. The spectrum ranges from ski tour preparation, snow awareness and avalanche risk to wildlife and nature conservation as well as route planning.

Ski touring trail

Guided ski tours on the ski touring trail in Faistenau

Interactive learning and practical realisation in nature are the basis of this concept, which comes into play on the ski touring nature trail in Faistenau. You can either walk the educational ski touring trail on your own or take part in a guided tour including theoretical training with the educational ski touring trail association. This instructive ski tour takes you up to the summit of the Loibersbacher Höhe at 1,456 metres. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with a fantastic panorama of the peaks of the Osterhorn group.

During the winter season, the Salzkammergut Touring Trail Association organises guided ski tours that are linked to theoretical training. The ski touring taster course is run by trained tour guides. Learn from professionals how to take your first steps off-piste and off-piste, how to use emergency equipment and all about wildlife and nature conservation when ski touring. The full-day workshop begins in the morning with theoretical training in the "dry". In the afternoon, you will then head out into the terrain to put what you have learnt into practice. To take part in the ski touring workshop, you need to have mastered a solid off-piste skiing technique.

Register now for a guided ski tour on the ski touring trail on the Loibersbacher Höhe in Faistenau. E-mail: Tel: +43 6226 8384-41.

The snow crunches under your skis, all around you there is nothing but clear winter air and a snow-covered landscape: the ascent is done step by step, at your own pace with plenty of time for yourself and to enjoy nature - and the reward for your sweat and effort is a stunning view at the summit, a rest in a cosy hut and a wonderful descent down snow-covered slopes in unspoilt nature. There is an almost sensual fascination that emanates from a ski tour - an experience in complete harmony with nature.

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Hire for your ski touring equipment

Do you need a touring ski set with boots and skins? You can hire the right ski touring equipment here:

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