Yoga-Retreat at the lake: Namaste from Lake Fuschl

Lake Fuschl radiates an exceptional kind of tranquility and is perfect for a relaxing Yoga-Retreat at the lake.  Let yourself be impressed by the beautiful atmosphere and during a yoga holiday at Lake Fuschl tank up your personal energy reserve.


© Yoga at lake Fuschlsee (c) SLT
2 women doing yoga the lake Fuschlsee

Find peace in the quietness of the Fuschlseeregion

Come with us on a yoga journey around Lake Fuschl.  The turquoise blue Lake Fuschl, with its crystal clear water, is the place to find even clarity.  Round the lake there are a number of contemplative places to practice yoga.  The recommended times for yoga in Nature are certainly early morning and evenings.


Yoga in the morning

In the morning there is nothing like the peace and undisturbed atmosphere.  When the glass smooth lake awakes, and the first ducks waddle along the pebble beach, then yoga in the morning drives away sorrow and worries.


© [Translate to Englisch:] Yoga am Fuschlsee (c) SLT
[Translate to Englisch:] Yoga am Fuschlsee (c) SLT

Yoga in the evening

In the evening the mood of a setting sun is ideal for a relaxing yoga atmosphere.  When the last sunbeams touch the reeds at the edge of the lake, and we feel the quiet of Shavasanas, then  the burden of everyday life falls away and we reflect on the pleasures that the regions offers.


Yoga holiday in the Fuschlseeregion

Enjoy a holiday in the Fuschlseeregion in which you unite body, mind and soul. Promote inner peace and physical well-being through meditation, now recharge your batteries on a yoga holiday.

Yoga events

What is a Yoga Retreat?

A Yoga Retreat offers a place for retreat and recreation.  Time and place to contemplate, to let go and refuel.  Usually one finds yoga retreats at spiritual places and places close to nature.  The Fuschlsee Region is just ideal for this.  The graceful mountains, the soft hills, the relaxing forests, the lush green and the harmonious turquoise blue of the clear Lake Fuschl offer the perfect venue for your Yoga Retreat in Austria.

A Yoga Retreat is about going into yourself, and returning to yourself in a gentle and supportive environment.  Experience a complete package of grounding, refreshment and recovery during a yoga weekend at Lake Fuschl.

Yoga Vacation in Salzburger Land:   Unwind, breathe, connect and let go

Yoga is about the union of body, mind and soul-and the way to bring these three pillars in harmony with each other.  Through the combination of breathing, movement, relaxation, tension and meditation, yoga is not only a benefit for the body but also for the heart and mind.  Switch-off, breathe, connect, let go and surrender.  Yoga includes more than just movement:  It is more about a healthy state of mind and lifestyle.  Wholeness Consciousness.  Nature is the best therapy.


Large Lawn with plenty of room

For those who enjoy plenty of room on a large lawn for their yoga flow, and who do not wish to go miles, then a visit to the Wesenauer lake beach or the Stöllinger bathing beach are just right for you.


Yoga with spectacular view

The Hofer Natural Bathing Beach is well known for its spectacular view and breathtaking photo scenery.  The long wooden jetty is in an east-west direction and perfect in the morning to enjoy the rising of the sun.


Yoga in fairy tale forest

Tucked away and in a fairy tale forest?  From the car park for the lake hike near the Hundsmarktmühle, take the path of the Müllnersbach stream to a small, but fine and secluded yoga and bathing area.


There is no way to Luck.  Happiness is the way.