© Winterpanorama vom Fuschlsee (c)Fuschlseeregion
Winterpanorama vom Fuschlsee (c)Fuschlseeregion

Winter bathing at Lake Fuschl

Who doesn´t know the winter blues?    When the long days get greyer and greyer, and never seem to end, then there is only one thing that helps:  take responsibility and actively choose to enjoy life.


Bathing in cold water is the best remedy for the winter blues!

We are not at the mercy of cold grey days.  They are what we make of them. My prescription is to get some vitamin D from the pharmacy, grab a towel and a cup of coffee and head for the lake!  The jump into the cold water brings me back to here and now.  The cold water forces me to concentrate on my body and on my breathing.  I immediately feel connected to myself and my senses are sharpened for the experience of winter bathing.  I feel the cold tingling on my skin, I absorb the intensive claws of the wintery Lake Fuschl and I feel the small waves that form around my body. I watch the reeds on the shoreline and focus on the Ellmaustein and Schober mountains with their winter meadows and forests. Quacking ducks pass me by, while small clouds of mist drift across Lake Fuschl.  Clarity spreads through me and I can breathe.

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Feel connected and enjoy the silence in your mind:  there is no discussion

To go into the cold lake and stay there for a moment requires a certain amount of willpower. Everytime I stand, already freezing at the crystal clear Lake Fuschl, and look down to the bottom, I have to forgive my face and struggle with myself. “Do you really want to do this now?”  I lay down my towel turn off my head and the voice from my heart wins.   Undress, get in and enjoy.

Happiness is a choice

Deciding to be happy takes at least as much willpower as diving into Lake Fuschl in sub-zero temperatures.  But the ability to overcome oneself always gives me something essential to understand “I can if I want to.”

The lake calls me back to my own power and cleanses me of everything that does not belong to me.  Winter bathing frees me from the anger of the past, the worries of the future, and the grey thoughts and doubts that sometimes accompany me.  Everything loud becomes quiet and the quiet becomes loud again.

As soon as I can no longer feel my toes, it´s time to go back ashore, because the cold has already told me the most important thing:  I am alive!

The feeling after winter bathing in Lake Fuschl

The feeling afterwards is the reason why I love winter bathing.  Pure vitality flows through my body and I become aware of my strong life energy, which warms my body from the inside.

This warmth spreads throughout my whole body and I now feel how strong and powerful my whole body is.  The skin tingles. The feeling is intense and then comes this need to move and just be happy about life!  Winter bathing fills me with so much energy, power and joy of life.  Feelings I wish everyone.

Deciding to be happy requires at least as much willpower, as climbing into Lake Fuschl at sub-zero temperatures.

Tips for winter bathing at Lake Fuschl

Did you know?  When jumping up and down for three minutes at a time, your mind convinces you that you are happy.  From your feelings of joy, it is much easier to regulate your own emotions for the whole day. Winter bathing at Lake Fuschl has a similar effect on me.  Just try it out!  Here are a few personal tips for winter bathing at Lake Fuschl.

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  • Safety always comes first.  Listen to your own body!

When winter bathing you must always listen to your own body!  Slowly test what function is the best for me. Are you unsure how your body will react to the cold when winter bathing?  Bring your friends along as company! And the principle always applies:  Safety First!

  • Circulatory problems and previous illnesses should be clarified with your doctor.

If you have problems with your circulation or heart, feel ill or have a history of certain illnesses, it is essential that you check with your doctor beforehand, whether winter bathing is suitable for your health.

Choose a quick entry into deep water

When winter bathing it is best to choose a place where you can quickly get into deep water.  For example a jetty with a ladder is suitable.    You can get in quickly, and climb out just as quickly too. The shallower the entry into the water, the greater is the risk of losing the feeling in your toes.  This can be quite fiddly when trying to put on your socks again. 

  • Swim parallel to the shore

So you have made it into the deep end!  Congratulations!!  Make sure that you always swim parallel to the shore. Then you can always leave the lake if it gets too cold for you.

  • Have warm clothes ready

Before you go in for a winter swim, get your clothes ready so that you can quickly slip back into your cosy warm clothes.  An extra towel or blanket can be used as a base for undressing, so that you don´t have to stand on the cold earth with naked feet.  Allow yourself this small luxury.

  • Don´t forget that the most important thing about winter bathing is to have fun!

Spice up the grey days of everyday life, and connect with yourself and Nature.  Celebrate life and listen to your favourite song!

Dame trinkt aus Salzburg Land Trinkflasche
Füße auf ein Handtuch gestellt, unterhalb schneebedeckter Badesteg
Frau mit Haube steigt die Leiter hinunter in den See vom schneebedeckten Steg

Are you still reading this, or are you already at Lake Fuschl with a towel and a cup of coffee?