© Wandern mit Hund(c)Fuschlseeregion-Groessinger
Wandern mit Hund(c)Fuschlseeregion-Groessinger

A holiday with a dog in the lakes and mountains.

Dogs just love Nature.  Between the lakes and mountains, our holiday region in the Salzkammergut offers the best conditions for a really good holiday with your dog.  We are pleased to give you all the necessary information for the planning of your holiday. Therefore your holiday for the whole family will be enjoyable.  Look forward to an easy time and enjoy an unforgettable holiday with your dog in Austria – with us in the Fuschlsee Region.


Dog friendly accommodation

At last its holiday time!  Many of our hosts are adjusted to your needs and welcome you and your dog in their hotels and pensions.  Choose between a hotel, Gasthof, holiday apartments, B & B Pension, farmhouse holiday and more, and look forward to a special offer for you and your pet.  Enjoy a stay in the Fuschlsee Region in the Province of Salzburg with your dog, and take advantage of the varied leisure programme in the fairy-tale mountains, on mountain pastures and on the lakes. 


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Our dog friendly hosts offer the basis for an all-round good feeling holiday with your dog in Austria.

Hike with your dog, but please on the lead

The splendid countryside in the Fuschlsee Region offers a large spectrum of outdoor activities with a dog.  Extensive walks in the fresh air, hikes on well-prepared footpaths and fun by the water count as the best leisure time activities here. Here between the Osterhorn mountain range, the Salzkammergut mountains and the many well-known lakes of the Salzkammergut we ask you please  to respect the origins of Nature and the inhabitants of the meadows, woodlands and pastures.


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Animals who are at home here, see dogs as potential enemies.  Therefore, please take your dog on a lead and stay on the marked footpaths.

Give a man a dog and his soul will keep fit!

Hildegard von Bingen

10 rules for the correct acquaintance with grazing cattle

Cows, sheep and wild animals rely upon the fact that people and their dogs behave properly on mountain pastures, through the fields and in the woodlands.  It goes without saying that dogs should be on a lead for you well know that every dog has a natural hunting instinct.  Although your dog is well trained and listens to your commands, all dogs descend from the wolf.  Do not let the situation arise where the dog follows its instinct, but please keep dogs on the lead. 

Acquaintance with grazing cattle:

Bathing with a dog in the Salzkammergut

When Lake Fuschl competes with Lake Hintersee, then men and women will be inspired.  A dog´s nose feels just one thing, to play in the cool water.  Please note that bathing beaches on these two lakes are not allowed for dogs.  To cool off your dog, please find a little stream, stream estuaries and other shorelines in the region or visit on of the special places in the Salzkammergut which allow dogs and on which you can enjoy an untroubled days swimming together!


© Hund_beim_Baden_c_Fuschlseeregion
Hund beim Baden im Filblingsee

Bathing fun with family and dog in the Salzkammergut

On Lake Fuschl bathing with dogs on certain bays on the north and south shores is allowed, as long as it is within our Councils boundaries.  Also at Lake Hintersee there are special shorelines which are ideal for dogs to cool off.  If your wish to combine a hike with bathing fun, then we would suggest the Filbling lake and the Eibensee lake.


Bathing areas with dogs and the whole family are also to be found at the Halstätter lake, at the Franzosenschranze and in the Waldbad Fürberg on Lake Wolfgang as well as at the Kreuzstein in Scharfling on the Mondsee lake.

A friendly together is the basis for a happy holiday with a dog

Dogs are like a member of the family and should therefore be included in a family holiday.  However, it is necessary to observe a few fundamental rules of conduct for a friendly with one another.  We wish that all guests in the Fuschlsee Region will enjoy an unforgettable holiday and are convinced that a consideration of others is the best foundation for an unforgettable holiday with your dog in the Fuschlsee Region.


Please note that in all the holiday resorts in the Fuschlsee Region in the villages as well as the hiking paths, it is compulsory to keep your dog on a lead.


Please use the doggie bags to dispose of dog droppings.  The sacks are free from the Council and must be disposed of in the rubbish bins and are binding for all dog owners.  Please do not just throw the doggie bags in the bushes.  They do not rot and are not a pretty sight in our beautiful countryside.


 Did you know that dog droppings on fields, meadows and in the woodlands can harm domestic farm animals such as cattle, sheep, deer and  stags .  It can happen that the legacy from dogs can carry health agents which via the fodder for animals (grass from the meadows or silage) can affect the metabolism of these animals.  This can lead to a milk stop for farmers or even to the death of calves.  Our farmers care for our beautifullandscape and enrich with their mountain pastures and meadows, the variety of the Fuschlsee Region.  Please help us to maintain and protect this important economy.    More info about the dangers of dog droppings.

More information about the dangers of dog droppings.

In the Fuschlsee Region one can travel easily on the buses to get around.  As with all public transport, a lead and a muzzle are essential


Dipl. TA Sabine Geiger in Hof bei Salzburg.  Here you will find help for your pet.


Vetinary Surgery: Sabine Geiger, Diplom Tierärztin
Dorfstraße 5, 5322 Hof bei Salzburg
Tel: +43 (0)6229/3846

For the entry into Austria, a dog must have an EU domestic pet document, as well as a microchip mark.  The legal rabies vaccination must have at least 21 days validity.


For puppies under 12 weeks e.g. for puppies between 12 and 16 weeks who have been vaccinated for rabies but have not yet reached the laid down 21 days cover, in addition to the EU domestic pet document and microchip, also need a declaration from a certified vet.  This must show that the puppy up to date was kept at its place of birth. (a rabies clearance certificate).  The entrance of puppies is therefore allowed if the animal is still with the mother who fulfils all the necessary requirements of the entrance formalities.

These entrance permit regulations hold for dogs from the EUZ, EWR and Switzerland.  Further information to be found here.