Follow the water: Hiking by the water and walks by the lake in the Fuschlseeregion

Hikes by the water and walks by our crystal-clear lakes are not only relaxing and beautiful, they are also good for body and soul and full of variety. As the seasons change, beautiful walks by the water offer the full range of wet and sparkling natural beauty: from romantic babbling mountain brooks in spring, to the shimmering turquoise-blue of Lake Fuschl in summer, to adventurous hikes along the roaring waterfall in the Plötz, which exudes its frosty charm, especially in winter. Water is fascinating and the perfect compass for pure enjoyment of nature in our Fuschlseeregion.

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Winterpanorama vom Fuschlsee aus der Luft (c)Fuschlseeregion

Experience holiday happiness by the water

We recommend that you discover the beauty of the Fuschlsee region by the water and show you natural gems that are sure to make you rave. Whether you prefer a sporty or more leisurely walk - here you can find out which walks by the water are particularly popular with the locals.

The hike round Lake Fuschl : pure joy at the lake

The famous Lake Fuschl captivates with its fabulous spectrum of colour and its excellent water quality.  According to the time of day when hiking, one will be fascinated by the iridescent colours as you round the lake.  The 11 km hike round Lake Fuschl is just perfect for a promising walk by the lakeside in every season.  Should the route be too long, then one can take a boat from the Schloss fishery at Schloss Fuschl back to Fuschl.  With “The Fuschlerin” one glides comfortably, quietly and traditionally over the Salzkammergut lake, back to Fuschl am See.

Round Lake Hintersee with detour to the mini glacier “Eiskapelle” (Ice Chapel)

The walk around Lake Hintersee is my personal favourite.  In a good hour one rounds the lake and can enjoy a view of the surrounding mountains of the Osterhorn group.  The path is approx. 5 km long and is perfect for the whole family and the route is also popular with runners and Nordic Walking fans.  Should you wish to experience something rather special, then it pays to extend the hike a little.  For deeper into the valley, there is a hidden true rarity: the ice chapel.  This is something like a mini glacier which is formed in winter through an avalanche.  During the summer, there is little sun which reaches the end of the Grießbachgrabens, and during the melting of the snow a cave is formed under the pressed ice.  At an altitude of 820m it is truly a magnificent whim of nature.


Round lake Hintersee

The Eiskapelle (ice chapel)

This is something like a mini glacier which is formed in winter through an avalanche.  During the summer, there is little sun which reaches the end of the Grießbachgrabens, and during the melting of the snow a cave is formed under the pressed ice.  At an altitude of 820m it is truly a magnificent whim of nature. 

Ice chapel

Short mountain hike to Lake Filbling

During the hike on the Filbling mountain you will not only be surprised to find the small Lake Filbling hidden in the woods, but also enjoy the fantastic panorama of Lake Fuschl, the Schober mountain and the Schafberg mountain.  The steep climb on the Filbling requires some perseverance, but is still possible to conquer for families and all hikers.  There are three routes by which you can reach the hidden woodland lake. 

From Fuschl am See the hike to the Filbling summit is almost 8 km.

Moor hike to the Eibensee Lake

On the rear side of the Schober mountain and Frauenkopf, beautifuly hidden, lies Lake Eibensee.  A hike to the romantic lake is enticing for nature lovers.  The route leads partly along the splashing Eibensee stream and brings you to a magical nature reserve Wildmoos.  En route take a small detour to the Marienköpfl before one goes down to Lake Eibensee.  On the shore of the lake one can relax or take a swim in the fresh waters of the lake.  The return to Fuschl am See takes the same route and the round tour is about 10 km long.

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Mill hike to the Plötz Waterfall

The mill hike in Ebenau brings you to an encounter with water in a special way.  For in times gone by, the old renovated mills from the 16 and 17 century were an important factor in the region for the production of bread.  Today the small watermills are attractive photo motives and lead one through an impressive hike to the highlight of the excursion: to the Plötz waterfall.  At a hight of 25 metres the water cascades in free fall into a natural pool. During the winter the waterfall turns to ice and is a spectacular sight.

Mill Hike

Rock pool in Faistenau: a refreshing river pool

Whether you need refreshing after a hike on the mountain pastures of Faistenau, or as a solitary trip for swimming in summer: the wildly romantic rock pool in Faistenau captivates with its natural architecture.  Water, ice and scree have formed the so-called gullies in the course of time.  In the rocky pools you can enjoy the beauty of this special place.  A visit to the rock pool can be perfectly combined with the hike around the Kugelberg.

Rock pool Faistenau

Strubklamm (Gorge): Metzgersteig and Canyoning in the Strubklamm

Parallel to the Strubklamm gorge, between the Wiestal and Faistenau, you will find the Metzgersteig climb.  A climb that requires surefootedness from hikers.  The more exciting is the path itself.   Who would expect to find a small canyon here in the Fuschlsee Region? Especially popular is the rocky gorge with canyoning fans who daringly plunge into the cool water.


From Lake Fuschl to Lake Wolfgang

This hike is not along the water but a hike from lake to lake.  The Ellmau valley in Fuschl leads from Lake Fuschl, past the Ellmaustein mountain and over the Mozartblick to St. Gilgen on Lake Wolfgang and when you wish also further.  On the approx. 7 km. hike you will experience a fantastic view from the Mozartblick across Lake Wolfgang and in the background the impressive Schafberg mountain.  Arriving in St. Gilgen, the refreshing Lake Wolfgang awaits the diligent hiker.  Return to Fuschl per bus.

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Wanderpaerchen am Zwölferhorn mit Wolfgangsee (c)WTG1920px

Hiking paradise in the Fuschlseeregion

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional athlete, a family with a stroller, whether you're traveling alone or vacationing with your dog. Everyone will find their favorite mountain here, with their favorite spot.

Hiking by the water in the Fuschlsee Region

Nothing but pure Nature awaits you on the beautiful walks and hikes along the waterways in the villages of the Fuschlsee Region.  Experience the joys of each season and enjoy the power of the invigorating water.


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