Stand Up Paddling in the Salzkammergut

Glide silently over the crystal clear lake.  Be at one with the elements.  With every paddle stroke you have the feeling of floating over the water.  Your whole body will be activated and feels with all senses.  Whether in summer or winter, one discovers the remote bays for oneself and one feels boundless freedom – that is Stand Up Paddling in the Salzkammergut.


SUP offers and highlights

Winter SUP

Winter SUP

Guided tours of the SUP BOX at Lake Fuschl, always Tuesday & Saturday on request.

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20.06. - 23.06.2024


20.06. - 23.06.2024


- 4 DAYS, 4 LAKES!

the unique SUP trip!

Location: Fuschlsee, Wolfgangsee, Mondsee, Attersee in the Salzkammergut/Austria

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We, from the SUP BOX in Fuschl am See, are THE contact partner for all questions about the trend sport of Stand Up Paddling!  But what exactly is Stand Up Paddling?  The SUPen, which we like to call it, is a unique form of moving above the water and has its origin in surfing in Hawaii.  With Stand Up Paddling one moves in an upright position on a board over the water with the help of a paddle.


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The trend sport of Stand Up Paddling is just made for our native lakes and allows one to discover these in a special way.  The most beautiful thing about this sport is that no experience or previous knowledge is necessary.  Only basic experience in swimming, and light balance skills are required for a start of a SUP adventure.

SUP in the Salzkammergut : a philosophy of life!

There is possibly no better place in the world to SUPen as the legendry Salzkammergut.  Stand Up Paddling is deeply rooted in the Salzkammergut and here, like no other place, one has wonderful waters which lie embedded in unique mountain scenery from which one can explore and enjoy new perspectives from the water.

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SUPen in the Salzkammergut stands for a unique philosophy of life with which one can effortlessly expand one´s own horizon.  Quietly, with just your own muscle power, you glide over crystal clear lakes and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the beautiful Salzkammergut.  That is quality time at its best!  Two special places, apart from Lake Fuschl and Lake Hintersee, are Lake Mondsee and Lake Attersee, which are perfect for SUPen.

SUP on Lake Fuschl:  Caribbean flair in the Salzkammergut 

Have you ever been to the Caribbean?  Forget it and just come to us at the turquoise-blue Lake Fuschl!  We like to name Lake Fuschl the Caribbean of the Salzkammergut, as it invites you to SUPpen as hardly any lake in the vicinity.  Turquoise water of finest drinking water quality, paired with breath-taking mountain scenery await you here – what more does one wish for?

Best of all, one can discover the quiet little bays around Lake Fuschl with the means of a Stand Up Paddle Board.  The whole year round motor boats are not permitted on Lake Fuschl.  This contributes even more to the unique atmosphere of this enchanting spot on earth.  Here you will find our Homebase from where we co-ordinate our Online-Shop, the Courses, Tours and Action Events.

© [Translate to Englisch:] SUP am Fuschlsee (c)SLT by Michael Groessiner
[Translate to Englisch:] SUP am Fuschlsee (c)SLT by Michael Groessiner

Stand Up Paddling on Lake Fuschl

And should everyday life catch up on you, then snap up one of our SUPs and out onto Lake Fuschl.  Immediately everything seems to be blown away.

That we may live and work here on Lake Fuschl, one of the loveliest places, is an unparalleled privilege.

© [Translate to Englisch:] Glory Boards Spot Fuschlsee (c)SUPBOX
[Translate to Englisch:] Glory Boards Spot Fuschlsee (c)SUPBOX

Lake Fuschl Caribbean Flair in the Salzkammergut

The shore of Lake Fuschl invites one to linger and enjoy.  Far from busy resorts, there are a number of entrance possibilities to the lake and refreshment stops which make life more enjoyable. The turquoise-blue water and the unique mood of Nature offer you definitely one of the loveliest holiday moments at the lake.

© [Translate to Englisch:] Sundowner Fuschlsee (c) SUPBOX
[Translate to Englisch:] Sundowner Fuschlsee (c) SUPBOX

Sundowner Tour am Fuschlsee buchen

The Lake Fuschl is a very special place where one can paddle into the setting sun.  Due to the perfect east-west direction. A breath-taking and unforgettable experience, when one stands on a Stand Up Paddel Board and paddles towards the bright red sky.

Sundowner Tour
© [Translate to Englisch:] Mutter und Tochter am SUP (c)Fuschlseeregion M. Groessinger
[Translate to Englisch:] Mutter und Tochter am SUP (c)Fuschlseeregion M. Groessinger

Stand Up Paddeln on Lake Hintersee

For those who enjoy it more comfortable, here you will find natural idyll PUR at the beautiful Lake Hintersee.  At this almost deserted natural jewel, one has time for oneself and can replenish ones energy.  In this charming surrounding, one can enter and get out of the water almost anywhere with a SUP and close the perfect day with a refreshing drink.

Geführte Tour

Stand Up Paddeln on Lake Mondsee

Pick up a SUP and emerge in that special holiday feeling at the lake.

At Lake Mondsee there are many possibilities off shore and breath-taking tours for a Stand Up Paddler which lead to a charming resort, and makes every SUP heart beat faster.

SUP-Box Mondsee
© [Translate to Englisch:] SUP am Mondsee (c)SUPBOX
[Translate to Englisch:] SUP am Mondsee (c)SUPBOX
© [Translate to Englisch:] SUP Sonnenuntergang (c)SUPBOX Austria
[Translate to Englisch:] SUP Sonnenuntergang (c)SUPBOX Austria

Stand Up Paddeln at Lake Attersee

One has the feeling that one is at an ocean of perfect crystal water, which is just waiting to be drunk!

At the beautiful Lake Attersee, the largest inland lake in Austria, one finds a host of bays and crystal clear water.  Just perfect for a unique SUP tour.

SUP-Box Attersee

SUP Equipment for professionals and hobby time paddlers is available at the SUP Box at Lake Fuschl

© SUP am Fuschlsee mit Fuschlseebad (c)Fuschlseeregion-Langegger
Drei SUP'ler am Fuschlsee mit Fuschlseebad (c)Fuschlseeregion-Langegger

Choose the right SUP board

What does one need to start off?  To the SUP basics naturally one needs a SUP Board.  This is available in differing dimensions and materials.  For the right choice of the perfect SUP board there is meanwhile a great selection.  In sportive as well as the racing area, hardboards are mostly in use, also SUP boards of harder material such as fibreglass or similar.

© Stand-Up-Paddeling am Fuschlsee (c)SMTG-Stadler
Pärchen beim Stand-Up-Paddeling am Fuschlsee (c)SMTG-Stadler

Inflatable SUP boards for hobby paddlers

The inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (I-SUP) can be inflated in a few minutes to a fix and ready board.  Thereafter it can be deflated, packed in a rucksack and taken anywhere.  In addition to the board one needs a paddle, which is also available on the market in different materials and variations from aluminum to carbon.

Which is the right SUP Board for me?

Advice is offered by the Profis in the SUP-Box. With the inflatable SUP Boards there are noticeable differences in quality and construction.  There are not only different Fun and Touring Boards, but also high end products, thus no wishes remain open.

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Why SUP-Box? Just simply, we are SUP!

With our Homebase on Lake Fuschl we are exactly there where we belong: at the gateway to the Salzkammergut and its 67 unique lakes!  We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

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Our diverse offers cover the hire of Stand Up Paddle Boards, as well as bookable Stand Up PaddleCourses such as starter course, basic course and/or private hour and guided SUP Tours such as Sun-set tour, SUP Family tour, Yoga & SUP and much more.  Also possible are Action Events such as company and group events, action days, team building, bachelor parties, school days as well as Fun 4 Kids and also SUP and KITE Equipment Sale.

Come ride with us!