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On the trail of Joseph Mohr

For ten years, from 1827 to 1837, Joseph Mohr, the author of the world-famous Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night", lived and worked in the small village of Hintersee. His traces can still be found there today. A specially created themed trail and a memorial chapel commemorate Joseph Mohr and romantic lantern walks to the chapel take place during Advent.

The Life of Joseph Mohr in Hintersee

In the years of 1827 to 1837 Joseph Mohr was the local priest of the little town Hintersee which was his first church to be lead by himself. The locals of the area were prett poor to that time and beacause of this reason Joseph Mohr helped them with a little trickery. He took the money from the collection bag and bought meat from the local poachers for the poor. This gesture almost made him lose his job, but the church never went this far. Some of the original exhibits of this time can be seen at the Joseph Mohr house at Hintersee.

Josef Mohr chapel

In 2016, the Josef Mohr memorial chapel was established in Hintersee to remember Joseph Mohr.  Especially in the dark, the ultra-modern sacred building is brightly lit and visible from afar. The chapel was realized by the students of the polytechnics Puch and Kuchl . The construction was built by companies from Hintersee and neighbour villages. Bernd Horak, who is living in Hintersee, created the 16 square meter painting. The picture shows everything that is important for the place. The village and its church, the song, the sealing pastor Mohr and the mountains.

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The Church

The church, which Archbishop Colloredo had built in 1785 and the vicarage, as well as the vicarage, which also housed the school, still bear witness to the time of Hintersee's most famous priest.

There is a bronze bust of Joseph Mohr in front of the church wall on the renovated forecourt. Mayor Eduard Ebner commissioned this from the sculptor Franz Lohninger from Neumarkt in 1985.

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Hintersee Zentrum von Oben (c)Fuschlseeregion-Hintersee750px

The house of Joseph Mohr

The Joseph Mohr House with original exhibits from this period is located directly in the centre of Hintersee, next to the DAS Hintersee hotel. The missal, two prayer books and candlesticks on display are originals, while the ornate priest's vestments were modelled on the original chasuble from Wagrain. The integrated doll's house museum also houses a remarkable collection of doll's kitchens and toys from earlier times.

Joseph Mohr memorial trail

The Joseph Mohr memorial trail in Hintersee was created in 2018 in memory of the most famous priest in Hintersee and to mark the 200th anniversary of the world's most famous Christmas carol - "Silent Night Holy Night".

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