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Your digital concierge

As a guest in our region you can enjoy a special service starting in summer 2020: The web app called myFuschlseeregion is your individual digital concierge. All information focused for the travel period can be saved on your mobile phone (or web browser).

Just ask your host for the access or register with following the link below. You'll get an email with your personal access code.

All you need within a few clicks

The following information is in the palm of your hand:


Activity planer

Plan your stay individual to your needs. This breathtaking hike on day one, look for a lovely restaurant on day two or plan your visit to a concert of the local brass band - put all opportunities in a list to remember everything during your visit.



Which restaurant is opened today? Where is this special hut excactly or what is the telephone number of this café? Find everything in the web app myFuschlseeregion!


Places of interest

Looking for a playground for kids or where is a cultural heritage sight? Take a look at the places of interest and additional find opening hours or directions.



One finger tap away (or click) is the weather forecast for the following days - especially for our region and up to 5 days in advance.



During the year there are many events in our little region - one can easily lose overview on this variety. With myFuschlseeregion you only can see the events for the period which matters the most: your stay here in our region!


and more!

In the near future we expand the possibilities with a experience shop and more...


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