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Mutter und Tochter sitzen am Ellmaustein weit(c)Salzburgerland Tourismus Groessinger

On the way with your dog in the Fuschlseeregion

You want to take your dog with you on your holiday? A few tipps where you can take your 4-legged friend with you and more ...

We generally ask for the use of dog waste bags, please dispose them in garbage dumps, because they don’t rot and it looks as bad on the way as on the yard.

What is my dog allowed to do in…


It is mandatory in the entire municipality area to keep dogs on a leash, then  the dogs are allowed to go everywhere.


Swimming is allowed: at the bays on the walk around the Fuschlsee lake on the north bank, at places belonging to the municipality and on the south bank, where it is possible from the shore.

  •  Swimming is not allowed: on the sand beach next to the boat house, at the Wesenau beach and Stöllinger beach.
  • On the hiking trails you have to keep dogs on a leash, especially in wooded areas. Dog waste bags are available at most garbage cans.
  • There is no dog park.


In the municipality area of Koppl is it mandatory to keep your dog on a leash there are some dog stations with dog waste bags.

The plan of a dog park exists, a suitable property has to be found.


It this village it is a mandatory to keep your dog on a leash, dog stations are all over the place.


  • In the entire municipality area you have to keep dogs on a leash.
  • Dog stations are spread over the local area.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beaches.


  • In whole area of Hintersee you have to keep dogs on a leash.
  • Along the village walk are dog stations.
  • At the beaches of the Hintersee lake is no dog allowed.

Dogs on the mountain and on the mountain pasture

If you want to take your 4-legged friend with you on [...] a hike along alpine pastures, you can assume that there are also cattles, horses and / or sheeps. To avoid dangers and conflicts, there are some behavioral measures that can help you:

 1.    Avoid leaving the trails and pass the animals at a distance of 20 - 50 meters. Do not pet the calves or foals (mother animals react particularly violently) and do not feed animals. This could lead the animals to beg or feel threatened by subsequent hikers.

2.    If it is a larger group, it is absolutely necessary to keep distance and prefer a detour. Let your dog on a leash, only when it could come to a confrontation leash it off. The dog is usually manoeuvrable and fast enough and also leads the alp animals away from you and removes them from danger.

The pasture is not a petting zoo

Special care should be taken in the case of a mother-cow -herd or mares with foals. Mother animals and bulls defend their calves because of the natural protection instinct.

Whereas young animals, tend to be curious however jumpy.

Fast movements quickly cause restlessness.

Cows that are milked regularly are used to human contact and therefore not so jumpy and more relaxed in their movements. Nevertheless you should not underestimate them.

How do cattle threaten

How do you recognize early on whether cattles feel threatened? They fix their goal, lower and lift their heads (they do not look too good) and snort. Only then they begin to run, which is often surprisingly fast.

What can you do if you are threatened by animals?

1.    Stay calm, do not turn your back and leave the pasture slowly!

2.    Take your dog of the leash, if you expect an attack of the animal. Dogs are  fast enough to evade the cattle and this is will help the dog holder / hiker, so that he can escape from the danger zone.

3.    Do not wave with sticks or anything like that. In an emergency a well-aimed hit on the nose is okay.

Normally everybody knows its dog very well and knows how it reacts when it encounters a herd. Nevertheless, caution is always required, because you never know which grazing animals you will meet and how they react or whether they are already aggressive. Please put even the least well-behaved dog on a leash and quietly pass the animals, just to make sure that everyone is safe.


Lake Fuschl & surroundings


  • Ferdinand Porsche Fahr(t)raum Mattsee (dogs on the leash)
  • Museum Smokehouse „Mühlgrub“ Hof/Salzburg (dogs on the leash)
  • Museum Fürstenstöckl Ebenau


Salzburg City – in the city with muzzle or leash are duty


  • Georg Trakl Haus
  • Michael Haydn Museum
  • Stiegl Brauwelt (guidance 14 +16 yes)
  • Salzburg City shipping tour (with muzzle)


Festung Hohensalzburg (not allowed at guidance tours but in the area)

On playing areas dogs are not allowed. It is duty to use dog waste bags, dog stations are distributed in the city. Into the public service vehicle (O-bus) dogs must wear a muzzle.

Surroundings of Salzburg 

  • Water Games Hellbrunn + Castle garden (not in the castle)
  • Zoo Salzburg
  • Outdoor Museum Großgmain (dog on the leash, into the train also a muzzle is necessary)

 Sometimes you have to buy a ticket for your dog, sometimes you must give the dog on the leash or he has to wear a muzzle.

At the museum of modern art at the Mönchsberg you can leave your dog at the Info Point during you visit the exhibition.

This restrictions are not for guide dogs, in the most of the museums they are allowed.

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