Bauernherbst in the Salzburger Land

The customs of rural life, the ingredients and dishes of rural cuisine as well as traditional customs are the focus of attention and can be experienced in the context of farm or harvest festivals, musicians' meetings, alpine pasture drives, herb walks and handicraft courses. Under the motto "Tracht und Gwand" (traditional costume and garb), this year's farmers' autumn is dressed in its most beautiful garments. Dirndl and lederhosen are part of our culture, traditional or modern, the traditional costume is the right companion for every occasion and enjoys unbroken popularity among young and old.

Bauernherbst in the Fuschlseeregion

 In addition to the big Bauernherbst village festival in Faistenau, there are other festivals, customs and culinary events during the Bauernherbst season in the Fuschlsee region.

If you'd like to try your hand at yodeling, join in a mountain mass or love admiring quaint old tractors - we've summarized the upcoming events in the region for you here (subject to change):

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