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Advent of the villages

Small and fine Advent bazaars full of charm and tradition!

For the seventh time the event Advent of the Villages will take place from 21th November to 20th December 2020 in the 6 villages of the Holiday Region Fuschlsee.

Living tradition is to be found during the Christmastime at the romantic Advent bazaar of Hotel Schloss Fuschl where the aroma of punch lies in the air, listen to the Christmas music in Parish Church of Fuschl am See and visit the living nativity stall in Faistenau.
The "Advent of the Villages" is a pleasure to visit. The events are full of handcrafts, music, Perchten & Krampus runssleigh rides and more.

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Schloss Fuschl - Advent

SAT 21.11.20 & SUN 22.11.20 I SAT 28.11.20 & SUN 29.11.20
SAT 05.12.20 & SUN 06.12.20 I SAT 12.12.20 & SUN 13.12.20 I SAT 19.12.20 & SUN 20.12.20

from 12 am to 7 pm. 

Experience the traditional Advent market at the Sheraton Fuschlsee-Salzburg Hotel Jagdhof!

Discover at the many stalls the handcrafts of the exhibitors with selected products from the region. Enjoy a mug of warming mulled wine or fruit punch and hot chestnuts against the breathtaking backdrop of the wintery Lake Fuschl and savor for yourself the delicacies of game and pork, sweet cookies from the bakery, and fish from the Castle Fishery. 

Review program 2020.

PROGRAM, Live Music 5:00-6:00 PM

Saturday, 23.11.2019    student ensemble clarinette & saxophone

Sunday, 24.11.2019      traditional musicians from Hof bei Salzburg

Saturday, 30.12.2019    traditional musicians from Fuschl am See

Sunday, 01.12.2019      Saxbladl

Saturday, 07.12.2019    Saxbladl

Sunday, 08.12.2019      traditional musicians from Hof bei Salzburg

Saturday, 14.12.2019    traditional musicians from Hof bei Salzburg

Sunday, 15.12.2019      traditional musicians from Fuschl am See

Our young visitors can decorate their own christmas biscuits at the Kids table. 


A peaceful Advent at the Guggenthaler Kicherl

Is for 2020 cancelled.

SAT. 30.11.19 & SUN. 01.12.19 I SAT. 07.12.19 & SUN. 08.12.19
SAT. 14.12.19 & SUN. 15.12.19 I SAT. 21.12.19 & SUN. 22.12.19
 from 2 pm to 7 pm.

The Advent bazaar of St. Lazarus around the Guggenthaler Kircherl is the perfect place to meet with friends and family during the christmas season. Enjoy a hot cup of punch and a peaceful get-together with your friends and family, by the fire braziers. The bazaar stalls have been selectively chosen for their traditional handicrafts which have been made in the region. Musical performances in and in front of the Church make this Advent market an unforgettable experience.
The Guggenthaler Advent Bazaar is a special experience, especially for children with handicraft - baking afternoons and more.

Advent Market in the Brunnengarten by the Ebenau Church

SAT. 28.11.20 & SUN. 29.11.20 I SAT. 05.12.20 & SUN. 06.12.20
SAT. 12.12.20 & SUN. 13.12.20 I SAT. 19.12.20 & SUN. 20.12.20
from 1 pm to 7 pm. 

One of the oldest Christmas bazaars in the Land Salzburg is in Ebenau. Let yourself be inspired by the special flair of this small but fine Advent event. The Brunnengarten is filled with glittering Christmas trees and attractively decorated stalls. Every day the market is open, at 5.30 p.m. there will be horn musicians, the Museum im Fürstenstöckl can be visited, craftsmen show their trades and there is carol singing in the Church.

For children there are: a lantern procession, hot dogs by the camp-fire and of course St. Nikolaus and his infamous companion Krampus.

Advent under the linden tree in Faistenau

SAT. 28.11.20 & SUN. 29.11.20 I SAT. 05.12.20 & SUN. 06.12.20 "small market"
from 2 pm to 7 pm. 
SAT. 12.12.20 from 2 to 9 p.m.; SUN. 13.12.20 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. "big market"

The third Advent weekend is the time for “Advent under the linden tree” in Faistenau, organised by the various clubs, artists and locals of the village. Be captivated by the impressive atmosphere beneath the 1000 year old linden. Lambs in the crib, copper couldron, fire braziers and torches light up the village square. Idyllic rustic stalls with a selection of present ideas, products from fair trade, Christmas cookies, sugar almonds, warm punch etc. all invite you to browse, taste and stay. Sleigh rides, wood work-shop, nativity play, music, craftspeople and an attractive children´s programme will complete your visit.

Further partner of Advent of the Villages:

Small Advent bazaar in Fuschl am See

at the church square.
FRI. 29.11.19, SAT 30.11.19, SUN. 01.12.19, FRI. 06.12.19, SAT. 07.12.19, SUN. 08.12.19, FR. 13.12.19, SAT. 14.12.19, SUN. 15.12.19, SAT. 28.12.19, SUN. 29.12.19, MON 30.12.19 (3 pm to 5 pm)
FRI from 5 pm to 8 pm. 
SAT & SUN from 3 to 9 pm

- advent feeling at the decorator Vitus Eder- MON. 02.12.19, 09.12.19, 16.12.19 until 9pm. 


Advent singing in the Rauchhaus Mühlgrub in Hof

FRI. 13.12.19 & SAT. 14.12.19 from 7 p.m.

In the candlelit parlour of the Rauchhaus "Mühlgrub", the historical smokehouse monument between Hof and Thalgau, one can listen to Advent carols accompanied by stories and poems on the theme of Advent.
Delicious local specialities such as cheese noodles in the pan and Pofesen are traditionally made in the Rauchhaus over the open fire range.

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