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Holidays in the Fuschlsee region for you and your dog

You want to take your dog on vacation? Here are some tips to take your four-legged friend with you ...

We generally ask for the use of bags (duty!) They are free of charge - please dispose them correctly!



In all places is a leash is necessary.



  • Dogs are allowed with leash.
  • Dogs are aloowed on designated shores of the Hintersee
  • On a winter hiking trail + a section no dogs are allowed = see signage 


  • Swimming is permitted: near the bays on the Fuschlsee hiking trail on the north shore, at places belonging to the municipality and on the south bank.
  • Swimming not allowed: on the sandy beach at the boathouse, at the swimming spot Wesenau and at Appartmenthaus
  • No dog meadow available


  • A dog meadow is in planning, it is still looking for a suitable property.


  • Dogs are allowed everywhere on the leash.

Hof bei Salzburg

  •  Dogs are not allowed at the bathing place.


  • Along the village there are stations with bags.
  • At the Hintersee bathing with the dog is not allowed.


With the dog on the mountain and on the pasture

If you want to take your four-legged friend on a comfortable alpine hike, you can assume that there are also cattle, horses and / or sheep. To avoid dangers and conflicts, there are some rules of conduct that will help you:

1. Avoid leaving paths and pass the animals at a distance of 20 - 50 meters. Do not caress calves or foals (mothers are particularly violent) and do not feed any animals. This could lead to the animals begging or threatening to follow hikers.

2. If it is a larger group, it is essential to keep a distance and rather take a detour.  The dog is usually agile and fast enough and also distracts the alpine animals away from you and thus removes them from the danger zone.


The Alm is not a petting zoo

Special care should be taken in the case of a herd of suckler cows or mares with foals. Mother animals and also bulls defend their young due to the natural protection instinct. Young animals, on the other hand, are more curious and still scary. Quick movements quickly cause trouble. Cows that are regularly milked are used to contact with people and therefore not so scary and relaxed in the movements. 

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