© Trailrunner (c) photo credit mozart 100 by UTMB
Zwei Läufer am Weg entlang des Sees

Trail running in the Fuschlsee Region

Running away from asphalt is the order of the day. Explore our Trail Running Routes and enjoy the magnificent panorama of the surrounding peaks while running through the picturesque  alpine landscape, and don’t forget to take some photos en route that will remind you of your trail running experience in the region for a long time to come.


© Trailrunners next to the lake (c) photo credit mozart100 by UTMB
Trailrunners next to the lake (c) photo credit mozart100 by UTMB

Trail running – a feeling of freedom

The hiking paths in the diverse mountain world of the Fuschlsee Region are just perfect for trail runners.  Exchange your hiking boots for trail running shoes and enjoy the Salzkammergut at running speed.  Surely you already have experience of running on asphalt.  Leave the road and become a trail runner.  Go off on the trail paths “Pfade” and discover the woods, meadows or gravel paths in the Fuschlsee Region.

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Trail running for beginners and routine trail runners 

In the Fuschlsee Region every trail runner will find a suitable running track for his needs!  There are few regions in Austria which offer so many different running possibilities in such terrain.  The Fuschlsee Region offers to start with, a variety of short trail running routes, which are technically and conditionally not very demanding. Experienced runners will enjoy more demanding routes with many metres of altitude and which require endurance and co-ordination.

"If you walk on the earth and walk with the earth, you can walk forever". (Indian proverb) 

Popular trail running routes between Lake Fuschl and the Osterhorn mountains

In the Fuschlsee Region there are a host of beautiful panorama routes.  Trails round the lakes, field ways through idyllic landscapes, as well as paths over the mountains, through forests and meadows and over ridges on mountain tops.  The well-known Lake Fuschl round walk is an ideal trail for trail running beginners.  The flat terrain, with many tree roots, and sometimes narrow passages, leads one eleven kilometres around the enchanting Lake Fuschl.  Further short routes through easy going countryside are also to be found in Faistenau, Koppl and Ebenau.  Experienced mountain runners will find their challenge in Hintersee.  Here in the Osterhorn mountains, peaks up to 1,700 m above sea level are waiting to be mastered.


© Runner at the Lake Hintersee (c) Georg Strobl
Runner at the Lake Hintersee (c) Georg Strobl


The Hintersee is one of the many magnificent lakes in the Fuschlsee Region.  Approximately five kilometres is the path around the deep green Lake Hintersee – the ideal route for trail running novices The route begins by the car park, where you start off in a clock-wise direction and cross a small bridge.  After a further 100 m you run over a further bridge, follow the path along the lake before you turn left at the southern shore.  Along the lake shore further to a small woodland where you will find a natural bathing area Tauglzipf.  By the federal road turn left by the bridge until you reach your starting point again.

Route:  5 Km

Height:  20m+


 Starting point of this route is the car park behind the church in the centre of Faistenau.  You run along the “Bärenweg Lidaun (Bears path) behind the Gemeindeamt (Council offices) and Krämerwirt (Pub) uphill towards the woods, over a bridge to the Kreuzfichte and left along the woodland path.  At the third turning, turn right onto the forestry path until the turning to the peak and Bärenhöhle (Bear´s cave). From the peak, run down in a north-east direction to the round walk and on the asphalt road turn left back to the centre of Faistenau again.


Route: 8 Km

Height: 450m+

Läufer (c) Fuschlseeregion M. Groessinger

Mill Hike Plötz

The route starts in the village centre of Koppl and leads via the sign-posted route Nr. 77 along a forestry path to a woodland where you reach the first water mill of the mill hiking trail in Ebenau.  After 500 metres along the asphalt road, turn left to a farm house, keeping to the left side, pass  the cow stall and run further along a small path across the meadow.  Now follow the route to the Plötz waterfall.  From here the route goes up over a single trail.  On route Nr. 77 you will find the way back to your starting point in Koppl.


Route:  7 Km

Height:  200m+

Salzkammergut - Trails

© (c) photo credit mozart100 by UTMB
(c) photo credit mozart100 by UTMB

TOP 16 Trails in the Salzkammergut

Find your favourite trail in the Salzkammergut.


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Trail Running in the Fuschlsee Region: We look forward to seeing you!

You have a desire to try Trail Running in the Salzburger Land?  Breathe in the fresh air of Nature when running.  Enjoy the peace and listen to the birds, the rush of the streams and the rustle of the leaves.  Leave your road running shoes at home and bring out your trail running shoes to the holiday paradise of Lake Fuschl.  Trail Running booms – also in the Fuschlsee Region.