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/ The blacksmith at the Advent bazaar of Faistenau in the Fuschlsee Region

The blacksmith at the Advent bazaar of Faistenau in the Fuschlsee Region

Since the beginning of the Advent bazaar in Faistenau, the blacksmith Wolfgang Ebner has demonstrated his work as a smith. This event takes place under the linden tree in Faistenau every third weekend in Advent.

As a member of the Riflemen´s Club, Wolfgang was originally asked to show his handcraft at the Farmer´s Autumn Festival.  However he decided instead to take part at the Advent bazaar as here also, visitors can witness the blacksmith at work.   He made a small smithy´s hut, and armed with tools, charcoal, anvil and his forge, he has made lucky horse shoes now for 15 years.

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Wolfgang says that these are the easiest things for him to make without electricity.  It takes just 20 minutes until the lucky horse shoe is ready.  The waiting children ask lots of questions whilst warming themselves by the fire.  Everyone can decide for themselves what is to be embossed   on the horse shoe from the name of a horse, an anniversary date or even Michael Jackson!

Whilst the children wait patiently by the blacksmith, the adults can enjoy the atmosphere of the bazaar around the festively decorated 1000 year old linden tree.  Further highlights of the bazaar are the live nativity scene, the other craftsmen as well as the art exhibition of the Creative Platform in the school which harmonizes so well with the Advent bazaar event.

Wolfgang Ebner is only to be found here at the Advent bazaar in Faistenau.  Everyone knows him and he makes horse shoes until he runs out of materials.  The bazaar is well frequented and because it   takes place on only one weekend, it is something special for me to be able to participate, says Wolfgang Ebner.

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