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/ The chestnut roaster from Ebenau in the Fuschlsee Region

The chestnut roaster from Ebenau in the Fuschlsee Region

Gerhard Ebner, the heart and soul of the Advent bazaar in Ebenau, explains how he became the chestnut roaster of Ebenau.

Every year I am particularly proud that our Advent bazaar counts as one of the favourite Christmas markets in the region.

Twenty years ago as we began to build our house here in Ebenau, little did I realize that I would become one of the organizers of the Advent bazaar here.  Friends told us that there was an Advent bazaar each year in the village.  Up until then we knew of the Christmas market in Salzburg and when we visited the bazaar in Ebenau we were inspired by the atmosphere and immediately felt at home.

Two years later I became a member of the Uniformed Riflemen´s Club, the organizers of the event and learned how things started.  The Tourist Office was the initiator of the Advent market, which began with mulled wine, the baking of traditional doughnuts and the sale of handicrafts.  After two years our Club took over the bazaar and after hours of teamwork the first huts were built, the ambience improved and expanded.

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Today, 23 years later, the fountain square by the Church with its lovely setting is the ideal place for our bazaar.  For its 20th jubilee even more things were renewed and an impressive illumination was installed.

Every year I notice how much work is involved.  In summer the stalls are repaired, new ideas   implemented, and from mid-November we begin to erect and prepare for the coming Advent.  An interesting all-round programme is planned, especially for our little visitors.  The whole Club helps with the installations, dismantling and working duties.  Here we would naturally like to thank our wives and friends for their support and work, year for year.

Despite of the many helping hands, every year it is a rush to be ready for the opening shoot of our canons but every year we make it, and it is a good feeling when the Advent bazaar finally opens.

How did I become the chestnut roaster?  As organizer I have for a long time wished that we have a chestnut stall.  Year for year, I lived in the hope that next year a chestnut oven would be built but the year was somehow too short.  Finally, I built a small oven myself having seen the idea during a holiday in South Tirol.  The chestnuts are roasted in an old cast iron pan over a wood fire, and for my chestnuts our visitors do not mind a couple of black fingers!

And there I am at the Advent bazaar year for year

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