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/ Why does the vicarage of Koppl smell of schnapps in Advent?

Why does the vicarage of Koppl smell of schnapps in Advent?

If you visit the vicarage of Koppl in November, you will be surprised by an unusual smell. It is the smell of all kinds of mashed fruit and of high-proof “fruit juices”. The source of this aroma is soon to be discovered.

In the vicarage distillery of Koppl the production of schnapps is well under-way for the Advent bazaar at the Guggenthal Church. For some years now, the vicar of Koppl, Rudolf Weberndorfer, has been making his own schnapps.  The vicar is assisted by voluntary helpers and has successfully won many prizes, not only in Salzburg but in Austrian distillery competitions.  He makes not only apple, damson, rowan berry and apricot schnapps, but also Grappa and gin.

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At the Advent bazaar in Guggenthal the schnapps are sold at the parish stand and vicar Weberndorfer is personally present to help with the sampling and sale of the fine schnapps.  The proceeds from the sale of the high-proof alcohol are used to finance social projects in India, Africa and South America in the form of building materials.  Work on the projects is done solely by the local community in the different countries.

With a Euro from us we can effectuate added value that makes it possible to do 70 times worth of the building construction.  With 2000 Euro net profits from sales, we recently erected a school in India with simple houses for 600 children.  If a child in India can complete schooling, he is on the right road to a good future says the vicar Rudolf Weberndorfer.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the Advent bazaar at the Guggenthal Church and at the same time help to do something good.