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/ Herbs in the Fuschlsee Region

Herbs in the Fuschlsee Region

From the 15th to the 21st June the whole Fuschlsee region blossoms!

The Fuschlsee Region offers a wide variety of possibilities to explore the theme of herbs.  Widen your knowledge on the different forms of herbs and natural herbal remedies and learn about the use of herbs in todays kitchens. In June 2015 there will be a special week for the topic herbs.

The programme of the "herb week"

Monday, 15th June - 3 p.m.
Herb hike in Hintersee to the Mayerlehenhütte

Tuesday, 16th June - 2 p.m.
Visit the Kneipp herb garden in Fuschl am See and learn the age old tradition of herb smoking with Mrs.Wesenauer

Wednesday, 17th June - 2 p.m.
Tour through the garden of the farm "Schneiderbauer" in Faistenau

Thursday, 18th June - 2 p.m.
Evening of herbs at the plant nurersy "König" in Koppl

Friday, 19th June - 10 a.m.
Herb hike to the Wieslehen at the Heuberg in Koppl
Taste and flavor of wild herbs at the farm "Wieslehen".

Friday, 19th June - 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Workshop to make soap at the "Haus der Begegnung" in Ebenau
Do you want wo wash yourself with your own herb soap?

Friday, 19th June - 2 p.m.
Traditional herb smoking at the Kneipp herb garden in Fuschl am See

Saturday, 20th June - 10 a.m.
Cooking with herbs at the "Wilde Weiber Küche" at the Rauchhaus Mühlgrub in Hof bei Salzburg

Saturday, 20th June - 12 noon
Herb hike with Mrs. Irmgard Ebner in Hof bei Salzburg

Sunday, 21st June - 10 a.m.
Herb festival at the farm Oberhinteregg in Faistenau
With cold and warm dishes, buffet with herbs and much more!

Sunday, 21st June - 11 a.m.
Präsentation from Karl Ploberger at the herb festival of Oberhinteregg

The restaurant the Fuschlsee region offer you freshly cooked herb specialities the whole week!
Restaurant "Am Riedl" in Koppl
Restaurant "Santner" in Thalgau

Restaurant "Betenmacher" in Thalgau

Herb gardens in the Region

Kneipp Herb Garden in Fuschl am See
On your way to the 150 year old Ruming mill, which is a Place of Happiness, you will find the   Kneipp Herb Garden of the Kneipp Activ Club of Fuschl am See.  In 2002, with much energy and personal knowledge, the herb garden was laid out by Frau Hermi Wesenauer.  In this attractively presented  garden there are now over 140 local herbs and plants. During your visit you have the opportunity to learn useful tips for your home use.
Open May to October, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

Herb garden at the Oberhinteregg adventure farm
Since 2012 the Oberhinteregg adventure farm in Faistenau also has a herb garden. Here the herbs are used for the many home products from the farms cheese production and bee-keeping. This herb show  garden is a mine of information and also has a sun terrace where one can enjoy a farmhouse breakfast, snack, coffee and cake or ice cream.
Open every Friday or by appointment.

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Herb hikes in the Region

Nature is full of  valuable treasures.  During one of the many herb hikes in the Fuschlsee Region, you will learn to identify the plants you have often seen and about their usage in the kitchen or as wild herbs. The herb experts will bring you closer to Nature in our seven resorts.