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Familie am Gipfel (c)Fuschlseeregion-Groessinger

Enjoy autumn at lake Fuschlsee
in the Salzburgerland Salzkammergut

Tips for a nice trip to the Fuschlseeregion during autumn

Enjoy the colourful autumn time in the region Salzburgerland Salzkammergut

Especially during school periods one can enjoy the time in the region around lake Fuschlsee and Hintersee, which are located the county Salzburgerland and the Salzkammergut region. The following links show you nice activities for your autumn holiday. From hikes to lovely pastures or scenic peaks and cosy wellness and SPA to a very special golf flight - a lot is to discover.


Delightful autumn days in the Fuschlseeregion

Enjoy the autumn holidays in the Salzburgerland Salzkammergut

Autumn is hiking time and in recent years the eMountain bike has become more and more established. We have combined these two points into a great program and so we can really enjoy ourselves in the autumn holidays! On Friday you can discover the culinary side of the Fuschlsee region on your own. Taste organic delicacies at the Oberhinteregg farm shop or discover a brewery tour with tasting in Bramsau-Bräu. On Saturday, after refreshment at the Hintersee inn, you go on a hike in the Osterhorn group. Leisurely alpine pasture hike or summit victory - the choice is yours. On Sunday you will discover the Salzkammergut mountains on your eMountain bike. The certified guide can also give you a few tips on driving technique during the tour.

You can attend only one day at a time or book the whole weekend in a package.