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/ Holiday insurance

Holiday insurance

Holiday cancellation protection


Until the 28th day before arrival            10%
from 27th until 14th day before arrival  30%
from 13th until 6th day before arrival    60%
from 5 days before arrival                      85%      



Organiser: Fuschlsee Tourismus GmbH,

Registration number 2001/030 in the Directory of Organisers of the Ministry of Government for Commerce, Family and Youth.

According to the Travel Agents Security Laws (RSV), customer´s money for package tours of the Fuschlsee Tourismus GmbH are secured under the following conditions:

Payment can be carried out at the earliest 11 months before the agreed end of the journey and is 20% of the holiday price.  The rest payment is to be made at the earliest two weeks before the start of the journey - hand in hand with the issue of the travel documents to the traveller.  Furthermore excess or prior effected payments or rest payment may not be claimed and are also not safeguarded.  Guarantor or insurer is the Raiffeisen Bank St. Gilgen-Fuschl-Strobl (Bank guarantee from 09.11.2012).

It is necessary to fax us the bank confirmation of payment at least 3 days before the arrival of your clients. If payment is made in cash at your destination, then the transaction must only be made directly with an employee of the Fuschlsee Tourismus GmbH. If for any reason your payment is NOT received before the arrival of your clients then the Fuschlsee Tourismus GmbH reserve the right to cancel your booking and no hotel check-in for your clients will be permitted. A cancellation charge may be made to you. The usual bank interest rates will be charged on any delayed payment. You will  be also obliged to pay all costs incurred for any reminder and for any further costs due to this delay. Tickets to special events must be paid immediately upon receipt of the account.

For short-term bookings: For those reservations made less than 30 days prior to arrival please note the following conditions: Bookings made up to 14 days before arrival  = 20% of the total price to be paid; Bookings made between 13 & 0 days before arrival – 50% of the total price to be paid immediately.

In the eventuality of bankruptcy, registration of all requirements for a claim must be lodged with the liquidator 8 weeks from the start of liquidation. (European Travel Agents Insurance AG, Kratochwjlestr. 4, 1090 Vienna, 01317 2500, Fax 01319 9367)

Liability: The Fuschlsee Tourismus GmbH cannot accept any responsibility for any possible disruptions that may occur such as natural disasters, industrial disputes, in the case of war, and any such similar events beyond our control.

Complaints: Any complaints can only be considered when made at your destination.        

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