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/ Via Culinaria 4 Kids

Via Culinaria 4 Kids

A pleasure tour for mini gourmets - a culinary journey with the little bull Kuhnibert.

The little bull Kuhnibert would love to become a cook.

He loves eating and swinging his cooking spoon, he is a mini gourmet. In order to find new recipes, he made a trip through his homelands and found lots of great ideas in the lovely Fuschlsee Region. Kuhnibert would love you to join him on his culinary journey along the Via Culinaria 4 kids from June to end of the August. On a mini gourmet map he will show you his secret six stops and invites you and your family to help with the cooking and tasting of the finished products

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Collect herbs at the farm and make pesto

Date: Monday from 3 to 5.30 p.m.
Appointment: until Monday noon
Price: € 25.- per family (2 adults, 2 children) | € 8,00 per person
Meeting point: Mayerlehenhütte at the Gruberalm

The Mayerlehen farm lies on the Gruberalm pasture in Hintersee, a 45 minute walk from the Lämmerbach car park in Hintersee. Your little brothers and sisters can also come along as the path is suitable for prams too. At the farm, together we collect different herbs and make a herb pesto as well as a herb lemonade which of course you can eat and drink.

Mayerlehenhütte auf der Gruberalm
Parking place Lämmerbach
Lisi & Werner Matieschek
5324 Hintersee
Tel. 0043 (0) 664/ 522340

New 2017:  Karners fish pond

Date: Monday from 10 to 12 a.m.
Appointment: until Sunday evening (
Only on dry days!)
Price: € 45,- per family (2 adults, 2 children)| € 15,00 per person
Meeting point: Karners fish pond

First you get to know, how you catch a fish! You disembowel your fish and during it will be grilled, you prepare a potatoesalad for your lunch.

Karners fish Pond
Tiefbrunnaustreet 44 a
5324 Faistenau
Fon 0043 (0) 680/1453025


Baking bread on a stick

Date: Tuesdays at 1 p.m. / also possible on Thurday from 1p.m. & Fridays from 2 p.m.
Price: € 6.- per family (2 adults, 2 children) | € 1,50 per person
Meeting Point: Rumingmühle at the Rumingweg
No appointment necessary! Only on dry days!

The Ruming mill is an old water mill and was built in 1872. Here you can watch as grain is ground to flour and then over a camp-fire you can bake bread on a stick. If you wish you can cut chives as the nearby herb garden to make your bread tastier. And if you have time take the homeward walk along the gnomes woodland path.

Rumingmühle am Mühlenweg
5330 Fuschl am See
Fon: 0043 (0) 6226/ 8384

New 2017:  From the water to the flour

Date: Tuesday 10 a.m. and Saturday 2 p.m.
No appointment necessary!
Price: € 15.- per family (2 adults, 2 children) | € 4,00 per person
Meeting point: Fürstenstöckl in Ebenau

Why do we need water to make flour? You will get the answer in the Museum Fürstenstöckl in Ebenau and a lot more. You make flour and semolina to take away.


Museum im Fürstenstöckl
Messingstreet 31
5323 Ebenau
Fon: 0043 (0) 6226/8384-61or 0043 (0) 664/4422317

New 2017:  Herb´s Gnomes - Cooking-Workshop

Date: Thursday from 2 p.m.
Appointment: until Wednestay evening
Price: € 40.- per family (2 adults, 2 children)| € 15,00 per Person € 10,00 Kids
Meeting Point: Oberhinteregg farm

You get to know the local herbs and how you prepare Pizza, salad with fresh gather herbs, limonade and much more.

Oberhinteregg in Faistenau
Tiefbrunnaustraße 17
5324 Faistenau
Tel. 0043 (0) 664/5564026

Farmhouse pastries

Date: Friday from 2.00 p.m.
Appointment: until Friday 10 a.m.
Price: € 17.- per family (2 adults, 2 children)| € 5,00 per person
Meeting Point: Rauchhaus Mühlgrub

This 500 year old Rauchhaus (smoke house) is a very old farmhouse. Here you will learn how to make farmhouse pastries called Pofesen which are cooked over an open fire in the middle of the kitchen. This takes about an hour and of course the result is absolutely delicious!

Rauchhaus Mühlgrub
Riedlstraße 11
5322 Hof bei Salzburg
Tel. 0043 (0) 6226/8384-21

Tasty Tip Waldhof Alm

Daily on the Waldhofalm in Fuschl am See we offer for little gourmets a “Waldhofalm-pan-fry for children”. The hike to the Waldhofalm is about 15 minutes from the village of Fuschl am See. It can also be reached by car. If you have finished your meal we have a playground outside for fun.

Schoberstraße 20
5330 Fuschl am See
Tel. 0043 (0) 6226/ 8264-35

 Tasty Tip Breakfast on the green

From June to August the restaurant "Gasthof am Riedl" in Koppl offers you and your family a nice picnic breakfast.
Daily until 10.30 a.m. € 25,00 per family (2 adults + 2 kids).
The picnic basket has some delicious delights from the region inside! Enjoy the meal on the green and afterwards you can have some fun at the playground at the "Gasthof am Riedl"

Gasthof am Riedl
Eisenstraße 38
5321 Koppl
Tel. 0043 (0) 6221/ 7206

The right offer for the Via Culinaria 4 kids


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